My interest in Sports massage and Soft Tissue Therapy started not from playing sports, as many therapists do, but from playing the violin (which I also teach along with the piano).

The violin is in many ways for the human body an uncomfortable and unnatural instrument to play and over the years of learning the

instrument and watching others practice and perform, I witnessed

many hand, arm, neck and shoulder injuries which were resolved

with soft tissue therapy.

Additionally, my mum broke her leg and I noticed she found that

sports therapists rather that physiotherapist helped her best with her rehabilitation as they were more “hands on”.

From this interest, I started a degree in Sports Therapy and

Rehabilitation at the University of the West of England but converted a BSc Hons Biomedical Science Degree at the end of the first year as I also had an interest in this field as well.

Whilst I studied there I took up rowing and represented the university where I gained my enjoyment for fitness and exercise.

After university, I came back to Swindon to work at the Great

Western Hospital as a licenced Biomedical Scientist in Cellular

Pathology. Here I realised my passion was not for working in

laboratory all the time as there was no direct patient contact, as well as not being able to see the progress of the treatment needed for each patient. Therefore in 2016, I enrolled at the Oxford School of Sports Massage (O.S.S.M) to where I completed a BETEC Level 5 diploma course in Sport massage and Soft Tissue Therapy and therefore now I am a qualified Sports Massage Therapist.

I want to use my skills to help and aid in the treatment and

rehabilitation of the variety of different injuries that are out there that many people have, whether it is from a sports injury to an everyday aches and pains.