Covid-19 Information:

As you are aware, the current pandemic has meant we are living in unprecedented times. To keep yourself and myself safe and healthy, guidelines have been put in place by both the government and my professional body. I know they might seem very stringent and quite daunting, but we must both adhere to them to allow me to continue to help and treat you!


But fear not, I shall still be conducting my treatment sessions in a fun and enjoyable manor! 

Before treatment:

  • For new clients, an online consultation form must be filled out and a printed copy given to me upon arrival.

  • Both new and existing clients must also complete a Covid-19 Consent form and a printed copy given to me in person. (See bottom of page for documents). 


If at any point you or a member of your family is showing symptoms of Covid-19, treatment will not take place and you must self isolate. Once you have finished your isolation period and you are symptom free, then we can rearrange the session.

Symptoms to look out for:

  • A recent onset of a new continuous cough

  • High temperature 

  • A loss of taste or smell

As you arrive:

  • To reduce the chance of cross-contamination, please can you arrive at your allocated appointment time (not before) and call me to say you have arrived at the premises, and avoid coming into the building beforehand.

  • A face mask must be put on before entering the building and must stay on your face throughout your treatment. If you haven't brought a mask, I can provide you with one. Any refusal to wear a face mask means treatment will not take place.  

  • Upon your arrival, I will also take your temperature before entering the building. If your temperature is above 37.8'C and you are showing any symptoms, your treatment session will be cancelled. 

  • You will be provided with hand sanitiser to use before entering, but there is also the option to wash your hands instead. 

Please note, if you are showing any symptoms on the day of your session, let me know before your session so I can rearrange and use your allocated slot for another potential client. 

During treatment:

  • Your face mask must be worn throughout treatment. Any removal of your face masking, treatment will cease. 

  • A box will be provided to place all your belongings in. 

  • Because of Covid, your treatment procedure might be a bit different to what you are used but I shall inform you the changes during the session. 

At the end:

  • To minimise risk, I encourage clients to not use cash or cheques. Instead I accept Bank Transfers (this can be done before the session) or I have a card machine present (charge of 80p). 

  • Hand sanitiser will also be given again to be used prior to leaving.

Final note, if you are experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19 post treatment, you must inform me. 

 Client Assessment Form: 

Covid-19 Screening Form