Please arrive a few minutes early.  There is a 24 hour notice period for cancellations.
I will try to rearrange an appointment if my schedule allows me to do so otherwise I will have to charge for the session. 

When arriving for the session, please wear loose fitting tracksuit bottoms and bring a pair of shorts with you. 

For ladies, I would advise you to wear a normal bra and not a sports one as it'll allow me to access your back easily. 

Important Notice - For the avoidance of doubt, please note that this is a professional service not one of a sexual nature. 


The Consultation


During the initial 30 minutes consultation, we will discuss the reason for having treatment.
This will include a range of questions from how the injury happened to occupation, lifestyle and exercise.
This will also include questions about health, previous injuries and current medication.


The Assessment


The assessment involves assessing posture as well as ranges of movement, to help build a picture of the potential
cause of the injury and help formulate a treatment plan.




Following the outcome of the assessment, the treatment will consist of the usage of different techniques, i.e. Deep tissue massage, active/passive releasing stretches, neuromuscular techniques and muscular energy techniques to help manipulate the muscles and surrounding soft tissues to help relax and correct any areas of tension or imbalances.


Pressure may vary from light to deep strokes and at times may cause some discomfort but shouldn't be too painful.
I will ask throughout the session if the pressure is ok.


The treatment will involve a mixture of different positions to help carry out the different techniques effectively.
This includes seated and standing positions as well as different positions lying on the couch I.e. Lying on your back (supine),
lying on your front (prone) and side lying.


Many techniques will also involve the manoeuvring of limbs which will require both yourself and myself to manoeuvre into them.

During the treatment, towels will be used throughout to keep you warm and keep your modesty.

With regards to lotions and oils, I generally use a generic massage lotion but if you have any allergies, let me know prior to the session.


What do I wear?


When arriving for the session, please wear loose fitted clothing which can be easily removed. Generally, I treat with the client in their underwear, but only remove clothing of areas that will be treated on or may limit access.

Loose fitted shorts may be used but to protect modesty, towels will be used throughout to keep you covered up.

For ladies, I would advise you to wear a normal bra and not a sports bra as it'll allow me to access your back easily.


At no point will I ask you or treat you naked or undraped therefore for the avoidance of doubt, please note that this is a professional service and not one of a sexual nature.


Sports massage is painful, is this true?


For some reason, sports massage has been associated with pain and being unable to move for days after treatment. Sports massage doesn't have to be painful to be effective. With different levels of pressure, discomfort and tenderness may be felt especially if the area being treated has been overused or tight but it shouldn't be unbearable. My aim as a therapist is to help and treat you, not hurt you!


What happens after treatment?


Depending on the outcome of the treatment session, I would often advise some home rehab and stretches exercises to further help the progression of the treatment. Generally, the exercises are easy to do and follow but if you have forgotten them, don't hesitate to ask.


It is important to rest and hydrate post treatment as sports massage can release toxins that are stored within the muscles into the blood and lymphatic systems, therefore it is important to keep hydrated to prevent tiredness and feeling thirsty from occurring.

I would also advice to refrain from vigorous activities for 24 hours after treatment to allow your body to adapt to any changes formed from the treatment and heal if any deep work as been performed.


What are contraindications?


Contraindications are any health issues that may prevent you from receiving treatment.


They can range from minor (precautionary) contraindications i.e. bruises, recent cuts or sprains to more severe contraindications
which will require your GP consent i.e. any cardiac issues such as high blood pressure and angina to
thrombosis, infectious illnesses and cancer.


With regards to minor contraindications, generally these won’t prevent treatment but precaution is
taken to avoid the area by working around it if possible.


Again, it is very important to consult your GP first before going ahead with
treatment as consent will be needed before going ahead of treatment.


If unsure, ask your GP!


Can I still have massage if I’ve got a cold or flu?  


NO! Any viral infections are regarded as a severe contraindication; therefore, treatment cannot proceed until you have fully recovered as massage stimulates and increases blood circulation, which helps to spread the infection around the body.